No Democracy for Canadians

In the 20th century most members of the British Empire saw massive political reforms, moving towards more democracy, more independence, less rule by Royal or Elite decree.

Most but not Canada.

Canada still operates using British principles of imperialism common in the 1800’s. Those old British systems didn't listen to subjects and neither does Canada's elite. Canada is proud of it's Royal Rule and always has been.

A lack of democracy in Canada is a fundamental characteristic of the country.

Canada has three branches of government, two appointed assemblies and one with elected members. The appointed assemblies (Senate and Court) hold an effective veto over the House with elected members.

Any bill coming from the elected House faces a veto from the appointed Senate. The Senate may not pass any bill until changes are made to meet their approval. Even a delay is veto in action.

The Canadian Senate is designed to prevent democracy.

Canada’s Elite would not have been supportive of Confederation if democracy was able to threaten their interests. John A explained the Senate as a sober second thought, suggesting that citizens and their representatives are drunken fools. Today the phrase blow on beer and popcorn would apply. Canada’s elite always knows best which is why democracy is not for Canada.

Even the Elected House fears democracy. Instead of having elected members representing constituents, elected members represent a political party.

Canada’s House of Commons is controlled by party rule. Members of Parliament are required to vote as told by the party.

When a Western Canadian becomes MP, hoping for change, they end up voting, or abstaining, as told by the party. Western Canada has no effective voice in the House of Commons.

Western Canada is further isolated from influence by the many laws, rules and policies (written and unwritten) that ensure the appointed positions of power are only available to those willing to play by their rules.

The most obvious of these rules are those requiring bilingualism. The ability to speak, write, understand French culture and practices is a prerequisite for most federal jobs, appointments and contracts of any significance.

French is one of the least used languages in Western Canada. Many other languages are far more common than French. Less than 2% of Alberta's population is French. Many of them working jobs not available to average Western Canadians.

French requirements are by design meant to prevent Western Canada from having any impact on the laws, rules and policies they have to live under. Democracy isn't possible because that wouldn't be Canadian.

The reason Canada fears democracy in Western Canada can be found in history.

The new Confederation of Canada, had a mandate to defend against military advances by the USA. That required taking military control of all the lands West to the Pacific to avoid being completely surrounded by an expanding and aggressive USA.

The People in those lands north and west of Canada resisted.

Canada responded not with democracy and open votes but guns and short ropes for long falls.

Most of what is seen on the map of Canada was taken by military force. The threat of military force has remained.

Every Western Canadian wondering why people thousands of miles are deciding what laws we have and what taxes we must pay is reminded of that threat.

The ongoing colonial relationship Canada has with most of it's provinces might be acceptable if the costs were not so great. Both in democracy and Rep for Tax.

In the last few decades Alberta alone has transferred a sovereign wealth fund worth more than half a trillion dollars to Canada. Wealth Canada continues to squander.

At the same time Canada is forcing Western Canadians to shut down large sections of their economy while still taking an extra $50B per year, from Alberta alone. Dollars that could be used to alleviate the suffering or drive a new economy is being taken by Canada when the West needs it the most.

Considering Canada's violent history and it's ongoing profit from that history is there any wonder Canada fears democracy?