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This is a personal web site I've made myself so it is free of ads, tracking and analytics. If you have any questions or corrections for this web site please email: conradsills@protonmail.com.

About the Author:

Readers want context so here is some context I've been asked about in the past.

Location: Western Canada, currently Alberta. I've lived in five provinces, some time out of the country, some time in Quebec, lots of time in Ontario, Manitoba, and BC.

Gender:The ideas you see here are not about gender, my gender is not specified.

Age: I get why someone would want to know. If I'm in my 20's all I have is ideas, untested by the real world. If I'm in my 100's just having a web site would be impressive. I'm closer to the middle. Idealistic by nature made realist by experience.

Race/ethnicity/culture: To me there is only one race when it comes to rights, roles and responsibilities. My race is Human. Ethnically Canadian.

Ethnic Canadian defined:

Many people believe there are human races and a persons race should be used to determine an individuals role in society. For them the term Ethnic is a polite way to say race.

Ethnic Canadians are not bound by race.

Ethnic Canadians need not have a minimum time or number of generations in Canada. Ethnic Canadians do not share the same culture or food. We do not agree when it comes to foundational issues such as Canada's racial laws, polices and practices or Canada's special status for certain peoples and regions.

Ethnic Canadians have only one homeland, CANADA.

Ethnic Canadians are only Canadian, regardless of where their family was before Canada.

My parents and their parents, dating back +400yrs, are Canadian. Many of those parents are more recent immigrants with some arriving as recently as the 1800s.

This is and has been for a very long time our homeland.

My mother was Canadian.

She was one of those Canadians who stood up to Canada and faced jail for saying we were Canadian.

In Canada it was illegal to be Canadian and say so on a census form.

When the Canadian census agent with armed police filled our small kitchen I wanted Mom to do as demanded. Was being Canadian really worth going to jail for?

My Mom took her census form back and checked off every ethnic option listed. My Mom was going to jail.

I have no doubt that would have been the case in other communities but that day the RCMP wanted nothing to do with such an arrest. They suggested my Mom had complied.

The federal census taker lost police support so it ended there but I never forgot.

At the time I did not understand why it was so important for my mother to be Canadian, but I am older now.

Now I understand.

I am Ethnically Canadian!


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