More Western Canadians, The RCMP

RCMP in Ottawa
Western Government 1870

The First Western Canadians were, of course, Immigrant Canadians from Canada.

They were Canadians from Ontario. Being from Ontario they expected to have the same rights as they knew other Canadians had.

They became the first Western Canadians. They laid out the Western grievances we still have today.

Those grievances, lack of democracy, Canada impeding trade, and excessive taxation for services returned, have defined Western Canadian.

To that group further immigration would add peoples from around the world, who would arrive in Canada only to learn they were in, effectively, a colony of Canada

But early on most immigration came from Ontario.

Ontario supplied the majority of Canada's military personal and that included members of the NWMP and the later RCMP. In many ways these Canadians were and are the most Canadian of Canadians.

Yet Canadian as they were, they too would become Western Canadians, with all the grievances that define Western Canadians.

They would become yet another group who come to learn that Canada is the problem and many would come to see independence the solution.

Many RCMP and ex-RCMP members would take on leadership roles in Western Canada and in some cases this included expressing Western grievances to Canada. The RCMP helped build Western Canada

Some have suggested that is just local lore, maybe spread by the RCMP to show their connections to, and concern for, Western Canada.

If it is lore it has deep roots because in 1915 Sam Steele wrote of those RCMP from Ontario farm families "They seldom remained in the force for more than one term service. They had come from the east to make homes for themselves and, as soon as their time expired, took the discharges and settled down to farming or business pursuits...

It might appear ironic that the most Canadian of the Canadians have become some of the loudest voices for Western Canada but it isn't if you consider the qualities of those members.

Most members in the past, maybe even more so today, joined the forces for the best reasons. Often for the best of the best reasons.

Those reasons include wanting to help and protect those who need help and protection.

RCMP members do not have to spend much time in Western Canada to see that it is Western Canadians that need protection from Canada. Western Canadians need individuals, leaders, to stand up to Canada and often that has been Ex-RCMP.

Many Ex-RCMP members have in the past and are today speaking out loudly for Western Canada because it is the right thing to do.