500 RCMP Troops head West!

More to follow as required!

December 2019

Heritage photo of Riel and his Councillors
Riel and the Red River government 1870

The Canadian federal election of 2019 saw three of the four major political parties calling for severe restrictions to the growth of Western Canada's economies. Alberta in particular was singled out for vilification by Canada, it's politicians and media.

The Conservatives, once again, remained subdued on Western Canadian issues lest speaking out cost them votes in the East.

Westerners were once again reminded that Canada's Confederation is very bad for Western Canada.

The result in Western Canada is another round of demands for democracy, accountability, representation for taxation, Independence in Confederation and Separation from Confederation.

Canada has responded by sending 500 more RCMP to Alberta.

How these troops are being sent shows just how bad it is for Western Canadians. Ottawa (somehow) got Premier Kenny of Alberta, to officially request Canada to please send more RCMP, more enforcers, more Canadian agents.

The current uprising is most powerful in rural Alberta so Ottawa is targeting rural Alberta with these new troops. The reason given for this increased presence of federal police in Alberta is "Rural Crime".

The problem with that reason is the lack of support for yet more of the same policing. The same policing that confiscates firearms, sides with criminals and lays charges against homeowners protecting themselves.

Rural Crime is being used as a cover to explain why so many federal police are flooding into rural Alberta.

Other than politicians and a Canadian controlled media few in Alberta have been calling for yet more RCMP. What rural Alberta has been calling for is an Alberta Provincial Police force!

What the West will get is more federal police, more federal surveillance, more of the same federal attention given to past demands for democracy and accountability.

Sending troops to deal with Western Issues is SOP for Canada.

Spring of 1870: Under the command of Colonel Garnet Wolseley a force of 1200 Canadian troops (roughly the number of RCMP in Alberta last year) head West to deal with troubles resulting from the Canadian take over of Rupert's Land.

Summer 1873: A force of 300 newly minted NorthWest Mounted Police would arrive in Western Canada. This force was based on the Royal Irish Constabulary and with the same mandate, control colonists by any means necessary.

Spring 1885: Canada now has a railway in place and when word arrived that the peasants were revolting, yet again, troops were quickly sent to secure the railway and crush hopes of democracy for the West.

And so the pattern repeats until 2019 (100yrs after crushing a General Strike) when +600 RCMP would be added to Alberta's already numerous federal police.

Westerners wanting rights due other Canadians often result in more federal police with powers far beyond that of a police force.

It should be noted that in the 21st century the RCMP have broken up into many different groups. These include the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and it's many offshoots.

CSIS has a mandate. If there are “reasonable grounds to believe” that an activity constitutes a threat to the security of Canada, it can “take measures, within or outside Canada, to reduce the threat."

It appears that Canada still sees Democracy and calls for Democracy in Confederation as a threat to the current system which is far from democratic or accountable.

Previous generations of Western Canadians wanted in. Today Western Canadians want out. Western Canadians are calling for democracy, representation for taxation, an equal say in Confederation, and they know that requires Independence or Separation. Is Canada listening?

By sending more RCMP Canada has said they are listening and responding as they always have.