Canadians are not as racist as claimed!

Canadians are not the racists claimed by Canada and the BLM. At least not the old stock, poppy wearing, hockey watching, beer and popcorn Western Canadians.

Even Eastern Canadians are not as racist as claimed by the Canadian government.

The proof of this lack of racism can be found at all levels of Canadian society even in our undemocratic system of Government.

In Canada citizens have almost no role in who gets to rule over them.

Of the three federal chambers or assemblies two of them are filled by appointment and the third, with elected members, is controlled by party rule.

Canada's Elite decides who is appointed to the Court, Senate and all positions of power, including provincial judges.

A look at who the Elite chooses and appoints into positions of power shows that being Black, Brown or Yellow in skin tone is not a disadvantage in Canadian politics. If anything it is an advantage to not be white, have English as your first language and be from a Western province.

Even the few elected positions show that it can be an advantage to not be one of those White English Canadians our Elite are constantly attacking, taxing, vilifying, and calling racist.

There are many racist societies and countries around the world. Look at the leaders of other Nations. Look at the governments. Look at the diplomats of most non-western countries. Racism and bigotry is on display for all to see but not in Canada. Our government is as diverse as they come.

Canadians show their lack of racism not just at the ballot box but in their everyday lives including where they shop. Multi-generational Canadians do not let the race of business owners decide where they will spend their money.

That is unlike some new Canadians who refuse to shop outside their group or refuse to have anything to do with certain races, religions, or other groups considered enemies in a far away homeland.

Canadians work with, buy, sell, and socialize with all races. It is a sign of being Canadian, a sign all come to show over time.

Canadians are not the racists claimed. In fact Canadians are Anti-Racists and have been for a very long time.

In the 1500's fishermen from many countries would fish off Canada's coast and that diversity could be found ashore. Early on Canadian law recognized that diversity. No doubt those rulings helped lead to a Black person, V King, being admitted into an Alberta Law School in 1948, the first in Canada.

From "King practiced law in Calgary for several years and gave speeches publically about racism. In November 1953, she described the challenges women had faced in the work force, and expressed hope in the future that greater would be placed on a person’s ability rather than their race or gender. King later worked in Ottawa for Citizenship and Immigration for seven years as executive assistant to the chief of the Liaison Branch, and directing programs with the Canadian Citizenship Council. Her work involved travelling around Canada to meet with leaders of different service and community organizations."

Pretty much impossible to be that successful back then if Alberta or Canada was as racist as claimed.

This is where the reader may expect a statement about how Canadians are not perfect, or how the reader should not get too upset because of some self immolation. 

If you think Canadians are as systemically racist as claimed and should hang their heads in shame then start getting upset now.

Over the last 500yrs Canada has been almost as perfect, non-racist, as could be expected for the time.

In many ways Canada was the wokest of Nations long before there was woke.

Some examples. In the late 1700's a Hudson Bay worker Sam Hearne was horrified to learn first hand how women and other races were treated by the Aboriginals.

He was so woke he put his life in danger to stop a violent racist attack.

Canada abolished slavery by the end of the 1700's. It would take Britain more than three decades to be as woke.

Canada's first PM, John A was so woke he wanted to give Women, even unmarried Women, the vote in 1884.

The examples and proof that Canadians are not racist are not just salted throughout Canadian history, they are Canadian history.

Now if the Canadian government, the neo-marxists, Antifa, and BLM was making the claim that Canadians still have racial Apartheid or that our employment laws and practices mandate discrimination against White English speaking Christians this would be a very different post.

The fact is we are not the racists being claimed. The proof of that is in our history and in your Western Canadian heart.

When you see the Canadian government and BLM supporters claim that you are just as racist as Americans ask yourself why and remember they have an agenda. You are, at best, fodder for their cause. At worst you are the target.

Don't give up, don't give in. 

Save what little of Canada you can save by having your Western province leave the madness that has become the Canadian Confederation.

Understand that it isn't Western Canada leaving Canada. Western Canada is all that is all that remains of Canada, save it.

Don't Give Up, Don't Give In, Vote Independence.