Manitoba is a warning to the West.

Port Nelson, Manitoba, 1917

The Manitoba of the 21st century is an economic basket case. Dependent on welfare from Canada, while having many valuable unexploited resources.

Rather than develop those resources Manitoba is the 2nd largest user of the Equalization program. Manitoba's debt to GDP is 35% and climbing.

Manitoba is in debt, dependent on free money with little ambition to develop it's many resources.

At the same time Manitobans criticize Alberta for not having a more diversified economy or having a 3% debt to GDP or wanting to grow the Western Economy.

In the past Manitoba was wealthy and motivated, just like Alberta.

What happened? Canada happened.

In the 1800s Manitoba's industry included Wind, Water and Steam powered mills. Mills were used to make cloth, lumber, flour and other products. Mills powered manufacturing and the economy.

Manitoba's location make exporting easy. Manitoba's manufactured goods were sent deep inland over well established trade routes to the South, West and North. The Red River Cart was just one of the container ships of the day.

Manitoba exported it's products directly to the world via Manitoba ocean ports.

Those Manitoba ocean ports would create some of the largest settlements in Rupert's Land, most notably at York Factory.

Then, after a few brief battles to crush local resistance, Canada took over.

Canadians flooded into Manitoba for the booty that was now theirs.

Manitoba's economy continued to grow but increasingly the rewards flowed East.

Winnipeg was attracting money and people from around the world. With valuable resources, ocean ports, an inland sea for fishing, land for agriculture, perfectly located in the centre of what was becoming the worlds wealthiest continent, the future was very bright.

But a booming colony like Manitoba or Alberta was and still is a threat to Canada.

Development in Manitoba was slowed, funding restricted, eventually jobs and whole industries would be transferred East. (search: CF-18 contract)

Canadian enterprises in Western Canada are operated to advantage Eastern Canada. The railroads have long been an example.

This is a map showing a section of the railway built by Canada in Manitoba.

The railway was going to Port Nelson, near York Factory.

Rather than finish the almost completed line to Port Nelson Canada abandoned it to build the longer section from Amery to Churchill.

Why not complete the rail and build a spur line to Churchill?

Even the most expensive development could be paid for with the increase in trade and traffic. Consider the wealth generation today if Manitoba had modern ports exporting Western Canadian products.

Instead of using the already existing infrastructure at Port Nelson Canada would build a new port at Churchill.

Canada would own and regulate a key piece of Western Canada's infrastructure.

How did that work out for Western Canada, for Manitoba?

Canadian ownership of Western Infrastructure, particularly the infrastructure that Western Canadians need to export to the world, has been very bad for Western Canada and it's prosperity.

Western Canada needs less Canada.

Fight back now or the present of Manitoba will be the future of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

How to fight back? We can start by voting for Independence or Separation and not voting for Canadian parties.