We're talking Canadian politics here! The meek might want to look away.

Canada in distress

The PM: "This isn't the greatest country".

Canada, the Confederation, is in trouble.

The country is nearing bankruptcy (again). Cities are being overwhelmed by immigration. Foreign influence, conflicts of interest and corruption are the norm. And lets not forget the PMO ending the Rule of Law with the replacement of the Attorney General and the enrichment of family and party at our expense.

Then there is the hypocrisy proudly on display at all levels of government and the Canadian Elite.

Rather than hold government accountable the Canadian media is driving fear to irrational levels. Canadians are fearful, unquestioning. Most have not noticed the lack of democracy or that Canada effectively has part ownership of the press.

And those are only some of the important issues Canadians should be voting on.

All Canadians need to be aware of many issues and concerns. This site is about one of those structural issues that has been festering since the 1880's.

This site is about Freedom and Democracy for Western Canada.

Democracy, government decisions made by the people. Not decisions made by those thousands of miles away from a different culture with a different history and a different vision for our future.

Western Canada has neither Democracy or Freedom or Rep for Tax. That has to change.

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