Flag Hysteria

You have been told the upside down Canadian flag is an insult, offensive, a desecration of our glorious flag.

The Canadian media told you that to fire your emotions, to get you angry, to stop you thinking.

The Canadian government and its media does not want you knowing that in Canada an upside down Flag is a signal of distress and always has been, in Canada. They want you fearful, emotional, unthinking and unaware of our history.

Canadian media is bombarding you with American news and politics while ignoring Canadian news, history and culture. "Your" media wants you to adopt an American view about almost everything, including our history and our flag.

Canada does not want you knowing that the Canadian Confederation is made up of many ex-British free colonies. Canada does not want you being aware or concerned about other members of Confederation. Canada does not want you knowing that we have our own flag history.

Canada does want Canadians thinking Canada is Democratic not what Canada actually is. Canada is not Democratic. It is a constitutional monarchy left over from the 1800's with two appointed chambers and only one chamber with elected members controlled by party rule and a Constitution that isn't worth the stained paper it is written on.

The Canadian government wants you to ignore the plight of other Canadians. That is why they downplay the two Michaels, Canadians shot down in Iran, and the many Canadians around the world and here at home needing political help.

The next time you see a Canadian flag upside down and find yourself vilifying the person remember that is what the government and its media wants you to do.

Instead of doing that remind yourself that a fellow Canadian is trying to communicate distress. A traditional Canadian response is to ask how can we help.

Well that was the Canadian response. These days our PM says Canada isn't great and sometimes it seems most Canadians care little for other Canadians plight.

But here we are, Canadian, we care, we want to help. At this site the upside down flag is not an insult, it is a cry for help, a Pan-Pan, a Mayday.