Canada Carbon Villain?


The most powerful case against Climate Change, Global Warming, Greta and the Carbon Lobby is right outside your window. Better yet take a trip to the seaside, or to Phoenix, Arizona.

This 2020 we are living in is not the 2020 we were told, for certainty, by consensus, by all the Top Scientists, would exist.

Look at the ocean level. We were assured it would be well over a meter higher if we did not act immediately to reduce CO2 emissions. "We" the world did not reduce emissions. Instead thanks to Asia we dramatically increased emissions.

Phoenix, Arizona was going to be uninhabitable by 2020, there would be no ice caps, no glaciers, yet here we are. None of the predictions came even close to being true.

The Climate Change claims are also false when it comes to their claim that Canada, in particular, Alberta, is responsible for Climate Change, for Global Warming.

Canada is not a Climate Villain as claimed.

To look more closely at the claims being made by the Canadian government, Canada's news media and the alarmists we can start by looking at how carbon sinks work.

There are no large natural permanent “sinks” on earth. There are carbon cycles. "Sinks" are just one part of a Carbon Cycle.

Cycles absorb and release carbon. Carbon cycles in and out of different systems at different rates. How much remains out of circulation for how long depends on the cycle. Different cycles, different sinking, different emissions.

Different forests, different sequestration. Tropical rain forests, not very good sinks, arboreal forests good sinks.

Consider other nations, in particular nations considered to be net carbon negative, like Bhutan (search ecowatch Bhutan carbon negative).

Bhutan is tiny, only 38,000 km² but 25,000 of that is forest. The claim is that 25,000 km² of forest sinks 6Mt of carbon, while the Nation of 700,000 emits only 1.4Mt.

Canada has 3,500,000 km² of forest. Canada emits about 700Mt of carbon. If we had the same forests those forests would be sinking 840Mt.

Think of it in other ways, including per capita.

Each Bhutanese has about 0.035 km² of forest to sink their carbon while each Canadian has about 0.1 km². Canadian forests do not have to be as good a "sink" to be a larger sink per capita.

Don’t just read a government or climate lobby site to decide if Canada is or isn’t carbon negative, do your own research. You’ll learn that forests are not the only cycle that hold carbon out of the atmosphere.

Cold water holds more carbon than warm water. How much cold water, cold lakes, cold oceans does Canada have relative to other nations?

And coastlines.

When you start looking for yourself you’ll discover that coastlines are major carbon sinks, with or without corals, and you’ll discover that Canada not only has corals but just happens to have the worlds longest coastline.

Would one half of one percent of the worlds population having the worlds longest coastline have an advantage when it comes to sinking carbon?

Yes it does but that is not something you will hear from Canada's tightly controlled media.

What about marsh and wetlands? Again massive carbon sinks and Canada has more per capita than almost anyone else.

Keep looking. Carbon isn’t the only GHG. What about methane?

Again look at the other carbon negative countries. Bhutan has about 325,000 cattle or about half a cow per person.

Canada has 12.5 million cattle. We know because Canada unlike other countries tracks every one of our cattle. With 12.5 Million cattle we have about a third of a cow per person. Each cow farting away (belching away but lets go with farting) making the planet hotter or so we are told.

Bhutan has more than 9 cows per sq/km, Canada a mere 1.25 cows per km², and Canada has many more and much larger natural processes when it comes to GHG.

Canada with only 3.5 people per km² and huge areas of natural wilderness is sinking far more carbon than it emits or is closer to doing so than any other nation.

Look for yourself, then tell others.

You have to speak up because others are not. Not your government, not "your" politicians and certainly not Greta or Canada's government controlled media.

You have to defend Western Canada when others suggest Canada pollutes more because we, the Western Colonies of the cleanest and most carbon sustainable country, are under attack.

Canada is attacking Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, destroying our economy, our way of life, our standard of living and our ability to put food on a middle class table.

The reasons given for destroying our economy are not real, not rational, not scientific.

Speak up for Western Canada, tell the world we are already carbon sustainable and should not be destroyed on the alter of Eastern Canadian politics.

Alberta has the worlds Best Barrel of Oil with the lowest carbon footprint, and highest environment and human rights standards.

Even if a person believed the lies told by the Climate Lobby they should be supporting the expansion of Canada's resources.

Get the message out there, tell others, link to this site, cut and paste from this site, speak up for Western Canada, speak up for the Canada that could be.