Save Canada. Vote Independence!

Canada in distress

Save Canada Vote Independence.

Consider for a moment what Western Canadians and Albertan's are asking of Canada.

A Fair Deal.

A say in the rules and laws that apply to them. Western Canadians want recognition of being a free member in a Confederation. No taxation without effective representation. Freedom and Democracy.

What would that require?

Nothing less than the destruction of Canada as Canadians know it.

For a Western Canadian Fair Deal to be fair Western provinces would have a say, have power, in what Canada the Confederation is and does.

In a fair Confederation it would not be possible to just take money from Alberta, which is the current relationship.

Alberta has sent Canada a Sovereign Wealth fund worth of money this century alone.

When Alberta needed money, none was returned. Even while Alberta struggles the other Canadian provinces continue to demand and take more from Alberta per capita than any other province.

Just the requirement to ask Western Canada nicely for money, rather than taking it by force, would change Canada as Canadians know it.

A Triple E Senate could give Alberta equal power and representation. Equal and Effective Alberta Senators would be able to stop bills like C-48, C-69 and others. Senators could use that power to protect Albertan's from Orders In Council and other arbitrary Canadian laws, policies and practices.

A fair deal would require ending official bilingualism.

Western Canada has a far more diverse cultural and linguistic landscape than Canada with it's two solitudes. French is a small minority language among the many minority languages used in Western Canada. Less than 2% of Albertans are French. Far more speak Tagalog, Punjabi, Spanish and Chinese.

Western Canada is much too diverse to have language laws and job requirements designed to discriminate and benefit one province, one minority language group, at the expense of others.

For Western Canada to get a fair deal the Federal Government would have to open jobs, appointments and contracts to Western Canadians.

A Confederation where all members are equal would not have so many federal government departments in just two provinces. A fair deal would mean the relocation of government departments out of Ontario and Quebec.

Over a hundred thousand Federal Public Service jobs would be subject to relocation. Whole departments would be relocated, starting with those serving Western Canada.

Many thousands of Federal employees would have to relocate or enter the private workforce. Or they might have to apply for their own job all over again but without the advantages of unfair and discriminatory hiring practices.

Jobs lost when headquarters and contracts moved East for political reasons, would return. Those that do not move right away would be open to fair competition from other provinces.

The massive structural and unavoidable changes that would occur with a fair deal would not be easy for those workers and the communities involved.

But anything less would not be fair, not democratic.

A better option is a soft WEXIT.

A soft WEXIT would give Western and Eastern Canada time to transition. Time to come to agreements on money, borders, and much more.

There could be many win/win deals, land for money, trade agreements, a chance for Canada to lower it's debt and the new countries to get a head start.

Canada can be saved.

If a soft WEXIT failed we would have a hard WEXIT, leave without deals in place.

A quick hard WEXIT is the best option for Albertans who need to get back to work.

Such a hard WEXIT would be difficult for Canada, very difficult for average Canadians.

In Western Canada we understand just how difficult it can get when there are no government programs to help. Those from Eastern Canada often go back home when jobs dry up. Home in Canada where there are many government programs designed to help, not just take. Those that stay understand what tough times with little to no government support is like. Making do, holding on while getting poorer, is not easy.

For Western Canadians the only option is to make do in Western Canada.

Canada (Ontario and Quebec) have no living experience of that and I fear they will not carry on like Western Canadians. After all we didn't have a choice, they will. I fear that unknown so much I want to avoid it.

There was a Canada before Confederation. That Canada made the Confederation of Canada one of the greatest countries in the world, for a while. I want that Canada to not just survive but thrive with us into the future.

That cannot happen if they give Western Canada any thing close to a Fair Deal.

Asking for a Fair Deal is too much to ask. It's time we wish Canada the best of luck and go our own way.

Save Canada. Vote Independence!